(Generation of translation memories from two or more texts)

We can create translation memories and spreadsheet tables out of texts and their translations. Translation memories make it much quicker and much more convenient to look up the translation of terms or sentences, whether or not you use a computer-assisted translation (CAT) tool. This allows you to fully exploit existing translations when you translate new material.

  • If you are a translator who has just started to use a CAT tool such as Trados, you might want to have TMs made from all the texts you translated before switching to Trados, so that you can leverage your past work in future projects.
  • If you have a translation agency and some of your translators don't use a CAT, you can have their translations aligned, increasing translation efficiency and consistency without saddling your PMs with mind-numbing repetitive alignment tasks.
  • If you commission translations for a business entity, you can have translation memories generated from your existing documents so that you get better rates and better consistency when you commission translations from an agency.

Two levels of service are available: autoalignment and manual alignment.

Autoalignment uses sophisticated computer software to automatically identify matching sentence pairs with little to no human intervention (the software algorithm relies on sentence length and extensive dictionaries to identify which sentence goes with which). Autoalignment is usually at least 95% accurate*, and it is generally the best option for large amounts of material.
For an extra fee, you can have the texts aligned manually sentence by sentence, to make sure that every single sentence pair is matched up correctly. I am only able to provide this service in language pairs I speak or can find competent reviewers for. All combinations of English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Hungarian are covered; other language pairs are available on request. (Autoalignment is available in all combinations of all languages that use some type of Latin alphabet.)
If you are unsure about whether autoalignment will work for you, remember that an autoaligned text can always be manually reviewed later. Go ahead and order an autoalignment; if you later feel that a manual review is worth the extra cost, you can order it and pay just the price difference.

The service is available for more multiple languages as well: if you have the same text translated into 6 different languages, you can request six-language translation memories and six-column spreadsheets.

Technical details
The source texts can be in txt, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, html or pdf. Other formats available on request. A surcharge may be applied to pdf files, and an extra fee is charged for scanned pdf files that require OCR to process. Contact me for custom pricing on processing printed (hardcopy) documents.

The aligned texts are provided in tmx and tab separated txt format. Xls, sdltm and other formats are available on request.

Autoalignment: EUR 4/1000 sentence pairs (special rates are available for very large autoalignment projects)
Manual alignment: EUR 30/1000 sentence pairs
Minimum fee: EUR 20

*Autoaligned texts are always reviewed to make sure that the result is satisfactory. If your texts are not suitable for autoalignment, for instance because the source texts are severely mismatched, I will contact you so we can work out a solution (I can do a full manual review, remove certain files or text sections etc.)