I am available for simultaneous interpreting jobs from English into Hungarian, from Hungarian into English and from Spanish into Hungarian. (Simultaneous interpreting is done from an interpreting booth using headphones and microphones at both ends, with the speaker and the interpreter talking at the same time. Generally, two interpreters are required.)
If you need a full team (two interpreters), contact me; I will probably be able to recommend a second colleague who is available for the job.

Please see my professional qualifications and references in the About me section, or contact me for a full CV.


150 EUR for a half day (less than 4 hours), 300 EUR for a full day (more than 4 hours), plus travel and hotel expenses when applicable. (I am based in Budapest, Hungary.)

Please email me for a full CV if you wish to learn more about my professional qualifications and experience.

Note: Please do not contact me regarding consecutive interpreting jobs. I only offer simultaneous interpreting services.