TMLookup is an open source tool designed to search bilingual and multilingual text databases (translation memories) and glossaries. I wrote it because no free tool was available that was capable of handling the massive TMs I was creating, and there were no tools capable of handling multilingual databases either. CAT tools tend to struggle if there are more than one or two million entries in a TM (some become unusably slow or fail completely with less than a million entries), and they generally can't create or read multilingual TMs. TMLookup can handle any number of languages and return search results in well under a second even if the database contains tens of millions of entries.
You can use TMLookup if you work without a CAT tool, or to complement your CAT tool (to do concordance searches on databases that are too large for your CAT). You can import your own TMs into it, and of course you can also use it with TMs purchased from (Please note that TMLookup is provided as is, with no warranty of any sort. Try it out before you buy TMs.)

DOWNLOAD TMLookup 1.57

DOWNLOAD TMLookup 1.56


  • Self-contained executable that runs out of the box without installation
  • Support for massive databases (tested up to 35 million TUs)
  • Support for multilingual databases (display all languages side by side, search in any of them)
  • Convenient keyboard shortcuts for initiating a search from any app (MS Word, your CAT tool, your browser) and for copying search results to the clipboard
  • Uses SQLite database engine for fast search results
  • Powerful search features, including Boolean operators and full regular expression support
  • Convenient search result display in a table, with match highlighting
  • Customizable display font, highlighting colour etc.
  • Imported formats: TMX and tab delimited UTF-8 txt
  • Full Unicode support; should work with Asian and other non-Latin scripts
  • Currently Windows only, with plans for supporting other OSes (advanced users can run the perl script on any platform)
  • Written entirely in Perl with a Tk GUI, made available under the GNU General Public License version 3 or newer.