I am available for translation jobs from English into Hungarian, from Hungarian into English and from Spanish into Hungarian, in a variety of fields (not necessarily limited to my areas of specialization).

Please see my professional qualifications and references in the About me section or contact me for a full CV.

I can take translations in a wide variety of formats including (but not limited to) all formats supported by Trados Studio 2011. Completed translations are sent in the original source format, as trados bilingual files, or, if the original is a pdf, as Word files with a formatting that roughly follows the formatting of the original. I reserve the right to charge extra for translating pdf files.

Your confidentiality is guaranteed. I undertake not to divulge any details of the content of the texts I translate to any third party and take all reasonable precautions to avoid accidental data leaks (lost hardware, hacks, viruses etc.). If you wish me not to include your organization among my clients as a reference, or if you wish me to delete all files as soon as they are sent to you for maximum security, please let me know.

Generally, I can translate up to 30,000 characters of text per day. If your deadline calls for a faster pace than this, please contact me as soon as possible. Depending on what the text is like, I may be able to take more, or I may be able to organize a team of translators among whom to divide the work. Please be advised that exact rates and deadlines are agreed upon on a case-by-case basis. I reserve the right to charge an extra 'rush' fee for jobs that require translating more than 20,000 characters a day, and for all jobs with a deadline shorter than 24 hours. I do not charge extra for weekend work. Contact me regarding your translation needs as soon as possible so that I can offer you my best rates.

Rates are agreed on a case-by-case basis, depending on the source text, the deadline, the quantity of work, the source format etc.
My indicative base rate is 0.01 EUR per source character (including spaces). CAT repetition discounts are available.

Note: Please do not contact me with reviewing/proofreading jobs. I only offer translation services.